Regulations in English


Article 1  

HANDITEC (Exhibition of Technologies for the Handicapped), an Association under the 1901 law n° 7526, located at the Centre de Réadaptation , Route de Liverdy, CD 96, 77170 COUBERT is organizing a Competition on Innovation, with 6500€ prizes and  a trophy. The event will take place from 8 to 10th June 2016 within the framework of the 12e European Exhibition on the Handicapped and Rehabilitation (AUTONOMIC) at the Parc des Expositions of Paris, Porte de Versailles (Hall 4 - Ground Level).  

Article 2  

The competition is open to:  

  1. Anybody able to present a project potentially aiming at promoting or improving one way or another the well being of the elderly, the disabled or the blind (or amblyopes).  
  2. All students of Architecture, Design, "Applied arts", Electronics and professionals of these sectors.  
  3. Industrialists and creators willing to offer to a wide range of users homogenous products and lines of products.  
  4. Researchers.   The registration card enclosed or a photocopy should be sent back before the 21th March 2016.  

Article 3   OBJECTIVES  

a) To induce creators to work towards the improvement of comfort and accessibility for all, and in particular for the handicapped, the elderly and the sensory disabled.  

b) To study and promote products and ranges of products for BETTER LIVING, i.e. items or fittings of common use, likely to accommodate everybody.    

Article 4  

The general theme must be connected to the work, the life at home in urban or country surroundings of any disabled individual (the elderly, the physically handicapped and the blind) and cover any aspect of the following areas:  

a) ARCHITECTURE - Lodging and building : general concept, - Interior environment: furniture, doors, shutters, opening and closing devices, sanitary, taps, - Working conditions (space and equipment) - Exterior environment: home access, ramps, stairs, elevators, urban space, - In a more general sense, any concept increasing accessibility to buildings, - New public buildings (theatres, cinemas), - Public or private buildings to be renovated (project based on the  existing structure).   Imagine the most frequent situations the handicapped find themselves in. You are being asked to realize a project giving free access to everybody anywhere (a person with a child, a baby carriage, a caddie, an elderly person, somebody in a wheelchair or who has trouble walking, a blind person, a deaf person) at home or outside.  

b) DESIGN - ERGONOMY   Objects or ranges of objects improving  

  • Everyday life (physical care, housekeeping)
  • Communication with others, be they close or far away,
  • Transports (canes, wheelchairs, means of transport  in general),
  • Handling and grasping of functional objects of everyday life,
  • Work,
  • Leisure,   To allow accessibility of existing equipment and services to the elderly and the handicapped. To find some innovations.  


It would be advisable to demonstrate the functioning of the model presented.   The functional, aesthetic, novelty and economic criteria will determine the selection of proposed models. They should enhance as much as possible any means of solving a particular difficulty in a given environment which can provide further opportunities for all users. Wherever the environment is improved, the actual handicap becomes less disabling.     The best realizations and experimental research or applied projects in very diversified sectors such as education, work and leisure will be appreciated.  

Article 5  

The competition involves 6 500 € in prizes dispatched as follows:        

  • 1st Prize :   3 000 €                         
  • 2nd Prize :  1 500 €               
  • 3rd Prize :   1 000 €  

The HANDITEC prizes will be awarded on the 10th June 2016  by the HANDITEC Jury. Jury has the possibility to adjust prizes for students within the limit of 5 500€. For foreign students, an IBAN is required to receive the prize. PUBLIC VOTE: visitors will select their favourite project. This one will receive a 1000€ prize.    

Article 6   Registration cards must be sent before the 21th March 2016 to the following address:                                                  HANDITEC Mademoiselle Julie Guérin  Responsable du Concours       D96 - Route de Liverdy       77170 COUBERT - FRANCE  
Tél : 33 (0)1 64 42 20 44 (leave a message on the answering machine in case of absence)
Fax : 33(0)1 64 06 66 06.
You can register on the WEB at : Email:  

Article 7   PROJECTS   - One or two models for the architects and one or two pre-prototypes or models for the designers. They should fit on an 80/50 cm stand (maximum), no other dimensions will be accepted.  

  • One or two rigid panels (70 x 70 cm maximum) to present explicitly and aesthetically the project.   The name of the candidates should be mentioned on the rear side of the projects numbered according to the selection sequence to be presented anonymously to the HANDITEC jury.   The candidates' name and address can be specified on a removable card.  
  • An explanatory file of the projects on 10   original samples including 5 or 6 pages, 21 x 29,7 cm with colour or black and white photographs for publications, advertising, promotion and presentation to public and industrial authorities.   These files must be sent to Coubert before the 21th March 2016 so that the projects can be presented to the  preselecting  Jury on the 4th April 2016.    

Article 8  

The candidates should be present or send their panels and models before the 21th March 2016 to Mademoiselle Julie Guérin, in charge of the Competition, at the HANDITEC premises, together with the explanatory file on their project.   The preselecting jury will meet on the 4th April 2016.      

Article 9  

The selected candidates will be given notice and will be able to explain their proposals if the preselecting jury requires it in view of the final selection. Final project must be delivered at 5 rue Ramey- 75018 Paris on 31st May  2016.  

Article 10     FINAL SELECTION     The HANDITEC Grand Jury will meet under the chairmanship of Ministry of Culture and Communication, on AUTONOMIC Exhibition in Hall 4, Competition stand, in the Parc des Expositions, Porte de Versailles   The prizes will be awarded on the 10th June 2016.    

Article 11  

The candidates must be present everyday and especially on the 10th  June in the morning, in order to explain their projects, and in the afternoon, for the prize-awarding ceremony. We strongly recommend that the candidates remain at the exhibition during the entire three days.  

Article 12  

The Jury will be under the honorary Presidency of the Ministry of Culture and Communication.   The Jury will include:   Doctor Pascal CHARPENTIER, CMPR of Coubert, President Monsieur Mickaël BRIQUET, Ergo therapist, PACT 77 Madame Annabel BROCHIER, Ergonomist, Madame Aude de CHAVAGNAC, Communication Pubique Administrator, Monsieur Christophe CURIEN, Painter, Madame Isabelle DAPZOL, Architect, ARCHITACT, Monsieur François GODLEWSKI, Ministry of Ecology Monsieur Olivier HARLAND, Journalist, France Télévision, Monsieur Mike LEVY, APCI Mme Joëlle MALICHAUD, Ministry of Culture (arts plastic delegation), Madame Fiona MEADOWS, Architect, French Architecture  Institute, Monsieur Augustin MIQUEL, ANPEA Madame Marie MOREIRA, International project APCI, Madame Claire-Noëlle PIRIOU, Handicap Consultant, Madame Sophie SCHMUTZ, Ergo  therapist, Coubert Madame Nicole TANNIERES, ANVAR, Madame Isabelle VALLEE, OSEO;   Contingents on confirmation.  

Article 13  

This document has been countersigned by Maître OLIVEAU, Notary, 4, place de la Révolution, 77680 Roissy en Brie.  

Article 14  

The models which are left behind at the  HANDITEC premises, at the Porte de Versailles on 10th June 2016 or thereafter in Coubert will be destroyed on the 10th September 2016.  

Article 15  

The candidates are responsible for copyrights and patents for their projects. They remain the sole owners of their creations.      

Article 16  

By taking part in the competition, the candidates agree that their projects will be used for their own promotion and promotion of the actual competition. They also agree to remain in touch with HANDITEC in order to facilitate such promotion. The organizers HANDITEC and AUTONOMIC will ensure a wide press coverage. The photographs taken by the organizers will be freely used by HANDITEC. Projects will be presented by the media (television channels, newspapers, radios...) during the exhibition and afterwards.        

Article 17  

The presentation of panels is anonymous. Each candidate is given a number corresponding to his project presented to the Jury.  

Article 18  

Actif-HANDITEC cannot be held responsible if the competition is cancelled,  postponed or interrupted.  

Article 19  

Candidates must agree to leave their project exhibited from the  8th June 9 a.m. to the 10th  June 2016 17 p.m.  

Article 20  

To take part in the competition, each candidate should aware of the present document stating its regulations and accept the clauses and measures involved as well as the sovereign decisions taken by the Jury.  

Article 21  

The prize-winners commit themselves to inform Handitec about the evolution of their project.
TO ACCESS   HANDITEC at COUBERT – Centre de Réadaptation de Coubert., Route de Liverdy – D 96, 77170 COUBERT Near Brie-Comte-Robert, on N 19 at the east of Paris. Autoroute de l'Est Train Station at Gretz HANDITEC at PARIS - PORTE DE VERSAILLES - SALON AUTONOMIC - HALL 4 - Ground Floor. Métro : PORTE DE VERSAILLES         Mle Julie Guérin   In charge of Competition